Queer Warrior: Kehinde Bademosi

@kennybrandmuse, Social Innovation & Brand Experience Specialist

“Life is too short to spend it looking for others to affirm who we are.”

Nigerian social innovation designer Kehinde Bademosi’s work is rooted in immersive storytelling and solving social problems like health inequalities, educational gaps, gender inequality and underage drinking.

Having begun in the advertising world, founding Africa’s first Brand Experience School, Orange Academy, Bademosi has now turned his attention to addressing medical mistrust and stigma as the director of social innovation at the Baltimore City Health Department.

“My life’s work is about supporting people to find their original voice. To tell their own story as it should be told. It’s such an important work because stories are ways people take care of their mental health. I often call it purpose-told storytelling. We speak our lives into existence through the stories we tell about ourselves. Queer or not, I have worked in the space of purpose told storytelling for over two decades and I have seen the impact it has on businesses, brands, institutions, and individuals.”

Bademosi’s unique point of view is deeply grounded within his queerness. Queerness centers gender equities, addresses toxic masculinities and attempts to make sense of the world around us in equitable ways.

“Queerness is the beating pulse of social, environmental, and racial justices in the world today. The consciousness that we must continue to fight for the marginalised amongst us.”

Words: Tshegofatso Senne

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