Queer Warrior: Imara Jones

@imara_jones_, Creator and Producer of TransLash Media

“Trans people are not new, we have always been here.”

The words of African-American activist and journalist Imara Jones cement the reasons why she created TransLash Media. As story architects, TransLash builds narratives, sharing the stories and experiences of the Black trans community, advancing the understandings, knowledge and empathy in greater society.

Jones works as a host, writer and on-air news analyst focusing on the multi-intersections of equity and social justice, aware of her place as a Queer Warrior.

A queer warrior who is fighting for the rights and advancement of the trans community. One who is creating space for herself and her community in a world that continuously tries to violently deny that space. One who is working to move old oppressive structures and defunct ideas out of the way, that energy is warrior energy.

“It is the energy that is willing to confront, to attack, to undermine, to defeat systems that don’t work for us.”

The work Jones does is so deeply necessary in a world where trans and queer communities are under attack. There is an epidemic of violence across the globe, violence that Jones notes comes in multiple forms – physical, emotional, economical and policy violence.

I’m The reason she does this work is grounded in creating a world in which everyone’s humanity is centred.

“If I knew there was someone like me out there, doing the work I’m doing in the world it would have made an incredible and huge difference,” Jones says.

“Be brave because you’re all you’ve got. And when I say be brave I do not erase the very real challenges people face, I understand that being brave looks like different things. We are called to a largeness and so we have to be brave. Our lives are only going to be fulfilled through bravery.”

Words: Tshegofatso Senne


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