Written Rev. Teboho Moema 

Proverbs 29:18 “Where there is no vision people perish” KJV

Isaiah 43:18 – 19 “Remember ye, not the former things, neither consider the things of the old; Behold, I will do a new thing, now it shall spring forth, shall ye not know it, I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.

The festive season is in full swing and we are right in the middle of it, but a very different from any that we ever had.

As the past year has brought a lot of challenges.

For most of us, the true Holiday spirit might seem hard to cultivate nor nurture, especially that we have been globally enveloped in the covid 19.

Yet we must hold it in our hearts not to loose being present in the moment, the now time, also bring ourselves in the Holiday spirit. As we remind ourselves of cultivating the spirit of giving, and those feelings of Happiness, Grace and Gratitude.

That same spirit when rekindled will help us mark the end of a year and set our sights on the new year.

The austere times that have saddled us as people might give rise to fear and restrain us from sharing joyfully what we have with family, friends and strangers.

Even if it’s not money or presents that we give, we can still give of ourselves ~give a compliment, give some of your time, give praise, give advise, give thanks, give love, give a smile. You will never know how much somebody can go on this sometimes seemingly insignificant gifts.

Let’s keep the altruism spirit burning as we touch other people’s lives and make a difference. Yes if you have money and gift, by all means, share with you’re loved ones.


As we mark the year-end. It’s a customary practice to reflect and make new resolutions that often go up in smoke by February.

So year after year we are caught in the short-lived non-result bearing resolution. Is it worth it, should we still continue with our yearly rituals? I say yes by all means let’s do. As in 2020, we did not have the year we expected which is all the more reason to tackle 2021 with every possible tool in our arsenal to make a difference in our lives and that of others, bearing in mind that this too shall pass, nothing is permanent. When it does we shall be stronger, wiser and fortified.

Let me share with you the tools that will help in making a meaningful change.

Vision being a key foundation to build upon after self-reflection and resolutions.

Oxford dictionary defines vision as the ability to think about the future with imagination.

The sage in the book of Proverbs clearly states that where there is no vision people perish. And the prophet in Habakkuk says to write down the vision clearly so that those who read it should run with it

It’s important that after self-examination one writes points of reflection holistic, taking cognizance of both strengths and weaknesses. Then make as of necessity resolutions to change for better.

Vague goals lead to vague results.

In your vision plan as informed by resolutions, be specific.

A well-set goal answers to the 5 W’s, the who, what, when, where, why and how

Time measured, you need to track your progress and in accordance to your set times determine when to accomplish your goal.

Your goal should need attainable, it should be able to kick you out of your comfort zone and still a realistic goal.

Your goal must resonate well with your proclivities and be personally meaningful to you and you must be able to get proper support and resources to make it happen

In short count the cost before embarking on your goal.

Be accountable to someone, who will check you according to set time parameters to achieve your goals.

Find a mentor to keep you on track and accountable as they will help you to push through when tempted to throw the towel.

Lower hanging fruit ~ your goals should allow you to make small gains that will help you develop confidence and eventually lead you to bigger gains.

You might want to quit smoking or any other harmful habit to your health by setting realistic goals of reducing the number of cigarettes for example from 10 a day to 5 a day, and when you achieve that goal your confidence to go even further down till you hit a zero.


Focus on Strength, not Weaknesses, go against the Grain, the point of doing so is that when you deliberately make an effort to Not think about or Not to do something, it actually makes the thoughts you are trying to suppress more likely to surface.

When you want to break a bad habit, set a goal that allows you to replace the bad habit with a better one. For example, if you suffer from bad temper or anxiety. You can form a new Habit of meditation to help calm the mind.


Prioritize one goal at a time.

Set and achieve one goal before moving to another. ” You can do anything but not everything”

Focus on the process instead of the outcome.

So start small, don’t rush or succumb to instant gratification trap. ” They fall that haste” trust the process. If you go to the gym 5 time a week for an hour consistently. You will eventually lose some weight or a few kilograms.

Achieve a healthy diet, replace fizzy drinks with water, starch and processed food with vegetables and fruits and the outcome will be a healthier you.

Find out what other processes will help you attain your goals set by your resolutions for 2020.


With the above tools, I believe we can move from illusion, chasing mirages and the wind and manifest our reflections and resolution by bearing fruit.

Go ahead pick the requisite tools for your journey, for some its a reminder to get back on track.


Lastly, a reflection has a big benefit in increasing self-awareness, in developing a better understanding of others, not only that but it helps to sharpen your creative thinking skills. Whilst at it honestly ask your self questions~ why do u want to evolve to a better version of yourself, a happier you, healthy you, successful you, kinder you, a greater you, an ascended you.

I implore you to journal your questions,  resolutions and processes to achieve your set goals for the year 2021.


I pray that God will give you grace, strength, soundness of mind to stick to your resolutions beyond the usual 60 days of the year

May it be not another illusion or mirage or chasing the wind, rather let it be a  fruitful exercise that will help you transcend past failures as the book of Isaiah states that remember ye, not the former things ~ included is past failed attempts to evolve to a higher vibration, nor consider the things of the old he says. He says I will do a new thing, now shall it spring forth, shall yes know it, I will make a way in the wilderness send rivers in the deserts.

God has already declared your victory, rise from former defeat and embrace the new.

Make the mark in 2021.

You are glorious, colourful and powerful, yes you are. Just believe and take the first step, God will do the rest. align and allow.

Happy and prosperous 2021

Rev. Teboho Moema 

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